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Sports Premium

Children at Harefield Primary School enjoy two PE lessons a week, dance or gymnastics and games. Lessons cover a whole range of physical activity including, problem solving, skills development and team building.


J Rock

This year the school did amazingly in the dance competition, J Rock. With a tremendous amount of hard work from all the children and staff, the team placed third along with winning a lot of various other awards!

Let’s hope next year is just as successful!


Sports Relief 2018!

This year the children participated in running a daily mile to raise money for the charity! The children were creative with how they completed their mile and each child showed an enormous amount of determination! A huge ‘Well Done’ to you all!


PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools

Since the employment of a PE Primary Liaison Officer in 2013, many changes have occurred with schools’ PE. The purpose of the additional funding is to provide additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and Sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils, to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.


How can the money be spent?

The premium must be spent on making additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of all pupils to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles. The Secretary of State has identified two areas whereby the premium cannot be spent:

  • Employing coaches or specialist teachers to cover PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment)
  • Funding the minimum requirements of a school existing PE curriculum


What are we doing at Harefield?


At present, we are currently reviewing how to best spend our premium to ensure maximum impact and sustainability for the better of the children at our school. This means we are focusing on two main areas:

  • Developing or adding to the PE and Sport that Harefield already offers both in school time and extra-curricular activities.
  • Ensuring the staff at Harefield are provided with the necessary CPD opportunities to ensure they are confident in delivering lessons that the children enjoy and develop their sporting skills



2017/18 PE Budget - £19,464

Replenishment of equipment

Since the Summer term, time and money has been spent on looking at the existing equipment we have in school and how we can improve the delivery of PE. A lot of old and damaged apparatus has been thrown away and it has been replenished with new and safe kit for our children to use. This is an example list of equipment that have been purchased: mats, hockey sticks, various balls, hula-hoops and basketball hoops. 

Introduced to new sports


A variety of year groups have had a go at squash this term. Years 2, 3 and 4 all benefitted from a ‘taster’ session with a qualified coach from the local community. All children enjoyed the activities they took part in and were keen to learn more. This was additional to their allocated PE time. Year 6 have had the opportunity to participate in a 6-week squash program – which they have thoroughly enjoyed. The sessions were designed to build up towards a competition; the children learnt the necessary skills throughout the weeks to be confident.

There was no cost to parents for this activity


12 children were selected to participate in a new and relaxing yoga club! This was a sought after club and we were heavily oversubscribed!! Introducing a new after-school club, like Yoga, has taught children relaxation techniques in a calming environment.

There was no cost to parents for this activity

After-school Clubs:


See above


Saints FC – Multi-sports and Football

For the Summer term, all children were invited to participate in completely free after-school clubs run by Southampton FC. Usually these clubs are not fully subscribed due financial problems amongst our families. However, this opportunity allowed children to have the opportunity to access sport they would not ordinarily be able to. Various age groups were invited to participate in these clubs, ranging from Year 1-6. The children got to develop their sporting skills but also their communication, team-work and determination skills.

There was no cost to parents for this activity


Sports Day 2018

This year, due to the various links that have been made with Saints FC, we have invited 2 coaches to help the running of day. The children are excited and motivated by having a coaches to work for, which is brilliant and sportsmanship is highly promoted.

Medals have additionally been bought for this event

There was no cost to parents for this activity







Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

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