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Special Education Needs & Disabilities

Harefield Primary school supports the right of every child to have equal access to a broad and balanced education. We support all children in their endeavours to reach their full potential by providing flexible and varied support appropriate to their individual needs, in a caring atmosphere where self-esteem, confidence and independence are fostered. Inclusion is our key aim and for that reason we are a needs led service which means that we act on the needs displayed by the child, as opposed to acting upon a diagnosis. We aim to foster close relationships with families of children with additional needs and use the resources we are privileged to access such as Speech and Language support, and Educational Psychology support, to ensure that we meet the needs of all children within our setting. We have knowledgeable support staff who have successfully supported children with a variety of needs, are passionate about understanding the children they work with and work collaboratively with our teachers to ensure the holistic progress of the children they work with.


At present we have 8 children on roll with an EHCP, and eight children whose applications are being compiled. We have a higher than national average proportion of children on the SEN register, with most children on the register having needs associated with Speech and Language or Social, emotional and mental health. We work closely with parents, teachers and other staff to ensure that needs are identified swiftly and acted upon appropriately so that all children feel supported. For more comprehensive information about how we support children and young people with SEND please follow the link below to our policies page where our SEND Information Report can be found.

Our Autism Champion Angela Ross

Meet Harefield’s Autism Champion


At Harefield we are lucky to have an Autism Champion - Angela Ross


Angela has been working with children who have autism for nearly 10 years.  She has worked with children as young as 2 years old and has learnt through courses and personal experience many ways to help and support those children.  She has a level 2 certificate in Understanding Autism.


What does an Autism Champion do?

No two autistic people are the same.  We therefore look at the individual child and tailor learning to meet their needs.  Autism is a lifelong condition, not something that can be cured.


Our Autism Champion is very knowledgeable and can help staff and pupils with a range of needs.  She checks that provision for the children is correct and supports staff with any changes that need to be made.  She attends half termly meetings with Autism Champions from other schools and colleges to exchange ideas and best practice.  The Champion also helps all children to understand autism whether they have autism or not, especially if they have friends or siblings that do.  She keeps up to date with changes and make sure the school as a whole is aware of these.


Pupil Autism Champion

Alongside the adult Champion we also have a Pupil Autism Champion, whose task it is to reassure others that life with autism can be good.

Partnership Information

Harefield Primary School is proud to be
a part of the Edwin Jones Partnership

Edwin Jones Partnership

Hamwic Education Trust
Hamwic Teaching Schools Alliance