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Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum Statement


At Harefield Primary School, we deliver the Physical Education (P.E) curriculum, following the National Curriculum.


Our PE curriculum’s intention is to draw on a range of concepts such as physical, participation, mind-set and evaluation to ensure all of our pupils can access and enjoy a range of physical activities such as gym, dance, athletics, games and swimming. In addition, we want to motivate and inspire pupils to work collaboratively, competitively, with a positive mind-set. Not only to create future athletes but also to promote social and emotional skills so that all pupils have an opportunity to flourish.


We tailor and put greater emphasis on specific themes, in response to our pupils needs For example:


  • Every year group will start with basic skills to improve their gross and fine motor skills and develop their fitness as many of our children do not have easy access to outdoor areas or activities when at home.
  • Two dance units will be incorporated throughout the year as many children do not have access to/ cannot afford external dance lessons and we want to encourage collaboration and performance skills.


Our whole curriculum is comprehensibly planned and clearly sequenced and PE follows this consistent design, effectively adapting and developing to meet the needs of ALL pupils, including those with Special Educational Needs and/ or Disabilities and those that are disadvantaged.


Our PE curriculum is taught by both the class teacher and Saint Foundation Sports Coaches, who will first revisit prior learning. We return to previous learning, in order for pupils to retrieve knowledge from their long-term memory and build on this, with the introduction of new knowledge. This is through an approach of clear modelling and scaffolding (where appropriate) of new concepts. The pupils will then practise applying this knowledge in a group or individual task and have opportunities to evaluate, improve and recognise success with reasoning and explanation.


We use key CONCEPTS that are thread through our PE curriculum, from Yr R to Yr 6, in order to build on prior learning and support pupils making strong links in their knowledge, from previous learning.

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