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How We Teach Mathematics

Maths Statement


At Harefield we teach Maths following the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum.


In Year R - Children are immersed in Maths from the very beginning. Counting is used when the children arrive in the morning when doing the register with lots of problem solving e.g. counting how many children for dinners etc. Explicit Maths inputs are focussed on the Foundation Stage Curriculum in Number or Shape, Space and Measure.


Teacher guided and independent tasks take place where children can practice the skills learned during that week. After this teaching takes place, activities are then moved into the continuous provision where children can practise and access these in a child initiated way.


In Years 1 – 6 - Units are blocked in order that children have the opportunity to consolidate their learning and to access the curriculum through fluency, reasoning and problem solving. The teaching follows a formulaic approach where tasks and skills are modelled, completed by children in a supported manner, practiced more independently with support, where needed, and finally applied in a range of tasks and contexts.


To structure our Maths curriculum, we use a range of high quality resources to ensure that children are challenged appropriately in all areas. We use White Rose Maths Hub small steps as a main resource, supplemented with tasks from the NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in Teaching of Mathematics), Maths Mastery with Greater Depth, as well as a range of other mastery documents.


As parents/carers, you can access the following websites, to further support your child/children: -



What else?


  • In order to support children to retain basic skills previously learnt, we have introduced 5 a day. Every day, children have 5 questions covering arithmetic questions that have already been taught to revise and encourage automaticity. Ask your child how they are doing with their 5 a day scores!


  • Due to the introduction of the Year 4 Multiplication Check, learning times tables has been given a bigger emphasis, particularly in Year 3 and 4. If your child is in Year 4, we will inform you about the arrangements in advance of this check taking place.


  • Children who need additional support will receive this, through interventions (digital in KS2) and quality first teaching in class.


  • Use of CPA (concrete, pictoral, abstract) to develop children’s learning has been deemed as important to cement their understanding and ability to explain.


  • Our new Calculation policy is in draft stage and will be published shortly. This will support with the strategies being taught in each year group.


Things you can do to help your child at home


  • Times tables and number bonds


  • Help them to practice and become confident with the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).


  • Real life Maths skills such as telling the time, using money and estimation.


  • Ask your child’s class teacher if you are unsure about how you can support your child in these areas.


Provision for SEND and PP


  • In class, children will be taught and exposed to the expected learning for their Year Group. Support is put in place for children who are working towards (WTS), through pre-teaching, scaffolding or specific interventions.


  • We have recently reintroduced a graduated approach to scaffolding with resources available for children at three different levels: available to all, available to those in the lowest 20% and available to these with significant need or an EHCP.


  • For children who are working significantly below their Year Group level, a personalised curriculum will be taught to enable them to make appropriate progress.


  • If you would like to know more about SEND provision, please look at the SEND Policy on the website.


Partnership Information

Harefield Primary School is proud to be
a part of the Edwin Jones Partnership

Edwin Jones Partnership

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