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School Timings

The school gates open at 8:40am and close at 8:55am for all pupils. Any pupil arriving after 8:55am when the gates close will need to sign in at the school office and will be marked as 'L' late. Any pupil arriving after 9:20am will be marked as 'U' unauthorised absence after the register has closed.


Pupils in YR & Key Stage 1 (YR, Y1 & Y2) finish school at 3:10pm.

Pupils in Key Stage 2 (Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6) finish school at 3:10pm.



Your child needs to attend school on time and every day to ensure they have every opportunity to learn as much as other pupils. If pupils are absent they quickly fall behind and often find difficulties in socialising with their peers.


The Government expectation is that attendance for every pupil should be at least 96%. If your child's attendance falls below 90% then they are classed as a persistent absentee. This will mean the the school's Family Support Worker will contact you to arrange an Attendance Action Plan to improve your child's attendance. If your child's attendance does not improve following this process then the school will make a referral to the Education Welfare Service. If your child’s attendance falls below 90% any absences will not be be authorised.



If your child has 90% attendance you may think that looks acceptable...but it is not. This is equivalent of:

  • one half a day of learning missed every week.
  • four whole weeks of learning missed in the school year.
  • half a school year of learning missed over five years.


Actions We Take As A School

Encouraging 'good attendance' continues to be a priority for the school. We are continuously looking for ideas to attain this target. Currently there are a number of incentives in place to encourage and celebrate attendance.  We try hard to promote 'good' attendance and punctuality through a range of weekly, half termly, termly and yearly incentives. However, the school will also take action in the form of applying to the Local Authority for Fixed Penalty Notices or seek prosecution against parents/carers who do not send their children to school. We do always try to work with families who are having difficulties first before taking this action.


Parents/Carers Responsibilities

It is your responsibility as parents/carers to ensure that your child has regular school attendance and is on time for school. Sickness or lateness should be notified to the school by email or telephone as early as possible on your child's first day of illness (preferably before 8:45am). This information is important as it ensures we can carry out our safeguarding responsibilities to the pupils in our care. It is essential that we know that your child is not in school and the reason for their absence. Parents/carers must contact the school on each day of your child's sickness.


Please telephone the school on 02380463240 (you are able to leave a message) or email to with a short message as to why your child is not in school. 


Pupils will only be allowed to leave school during school hours for an appointment eg. to visit the doctor or dentist if they collected directly from the school office by a parent/carer. It would be appreciated if the school could be notified beforehand of such an appointment.  The school should have sight of an appointment letter, which can be emailed to the school prior to the appointment. Parents/carers should make every effort to organise appointments outside of school hours so that this does not have a negative impact on your child's education.


How We Can Help

We have our own full time Family Support Worker who carries out home visits and works closely with families who may have attendance, social or welfare issues to support improved attendance at school. Please reach out if we can support you to secure 'good attendance' for your child. If you are experiencing any difficulties in getting your child to school on time and every day please email our school's Family Support Worker on

Harefield Primary School's Attendance Leaflet for Parents/Carers

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Harefield Primary School is proud to be
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Edwin Jones Partnership

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