“Harefield Primary is listed in Top 200 Primary Schools in England.” The Sunday Times


Head of School: Mrs G. Radford

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. A. Brown

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs E. Millard

Asst director of Teaching School: Mrs L. Phillips

KS1 Phase Manager: Miss K. Prince

SENCO:  Mrs C. Ottaway

School Business Manager: Ms A. Symes

Teaching Staff

Mr S. Cullis – Ladybirds (Year R)

Miss J. Pattison – Butterflies (Year R)

Miss F. Godfroy – Squirrels (Year 1)

Mrs V. Nichols / Mrs H. Hanson – Moles (Year 1)

Miss K. Prince / Mrs H. Heal – Rabbits (Year 2)

Miss F. Gollogly – Hedgehogs (Year 2)

Mrs S. Mills – Beavers (Year 3)

Miss K Mayhew – Otters (Year 3)

Mrs G. Court – Badgers (Year 4)

Mrs G. Gallagher – Foxes (Year 4)

Mrs K. Bushell – Kingfishers (Year 5)

Mrs R. Boyden – Robins (Year 5)

Mrs Z. Cooper – Woodpeckers (Year 6)

Miss J. Kennedy – Owls (Year 6)

Additional Teachers

Mrs C. Bell, Mrs Z. Yeats, Mrs E. Papanicolaou

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J. Marsh, Mrs T. Vanhear, Mrs J. Ellison, Mrs D. Hawkins, Mrs R. Court, Mrs P. Harris, Mrs P. Batten, Mrs A. Fullwood, Mrs M. Sellwood, Mrs S. Morrison, Mrs S. Whitcombe, Mrs C. Walker, Mrs V. Stacey-Offen, Mrs W. Soffe, Miss L. Daw, Mrs L. Harbour, Mrs. Goodchild, Mrs A. Jezard, Mrs M. Dudley,  Miss Z. Collins, Miss L. Gray, Mr C. Fickling, Mrs A. Ross, Mrs C. Lamb, Miss A. Jerram, Miss H. Cherry

Administrative Support Staff

Mrs M. McIlroy (Admin Officer)

Mrs J. Parker / Mrs S. Dunford (Admin/assistant/Receptionist)

Mrs J. Coakley (Finance/Admin Assistant)

Mrs C. Comley (Welfare Assistant)

Breakfast Club Staff 

Mr S. Chaplin- White, Mrs G. Connery, Mrs L. Pugh

Catering Staff

Mrs R Gay, Mrs G. Connery, Ms S Henley,  Ms M Texeria

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs B. Davies

Lunchtime Supervision Support Staff

Miss. B. Thorne,  Mrs. D. Harvey,  Mrs. P. Thomas, Mrs. L. Jarosz,  Mrs S Tait-Ballard, Miss V Barfoot, Mrs T Bovey, Mr S Chaplin-White, Mrs L Pugh,  Mrs D. Witt, Mrs N. Islam, Mrs W. George

Site Manager: Mrs S. Wells 

Cleaning Support Staff 

Mrs J. Ellison, Mrs S. Ellis, Miss G. Cavie, Miss B Thorne, Mrs S. Sansome


"The teaching is excellent and the curriculum innovative and highly stimulating." Ofsted 2011