“Harefield Primary is listed in Top 200 Primary Schools in England.” The Sunday Times


Prime Minister David Cameron has recently announced that the Government will commit funding Primary PE and Sport to 2020, with £750m to be invested over the course of the next parliament. The investment builds on the £150m a year ring fenced funding currently committed for schools until 2016 to increase primary PE and sport opportunities.Harefield Primary School received £5571 PE Grant in November 2015.  Those monies are used to fund the services of the Trust Primary PE School’s Liaison Officer – Tracie Capper.  Her role is to improve the quality of teaching and diversity of the curriculum so that pupils make regular sustained progress.Pupils take part in various inter school competitions such as Cross Country, Football and Multi Skills. The school offers many activities during lunchtimes and after school and strives to extend the provision to children.  Teachers have regular training and coaching to ensure they are planning inspiring and inclusive PE lessons.  Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants have also benefited from training and coaching with Tracie Capper to encourage structured games during the lunchtime period.One of our staff members Chris Ellis runs several after school clubs including football, TAG rugby and possesses many coaching qualifications which he is continually updating and adding to.  The PE Co-ordinator in school is Christine Bell and she works in liaison with Tracie Capper and Chris Ellis to ensure pupils take part in a variety of sports and games.Pupils have enjoyed charity events such as skipathons, beat the goalie etc for British Heart Foundation and Sports Relief. Regular meetings are held with all PE managers from the trust schools.  SPORTS DESK                     Tracie Capper                          Christine Bell                                   Chris Ellis Primary P.E. Liaison Officer      P.E. Co-ordinator/Class Teacher                    Supporting PE Co-   Ordinator/class teacher    The PE curriculum at Harefield Primary School. The children at Harefield Primary School enjoy two PE lessons each week, one inside and one outside. Lessons cover a whole range of physical activity including gymnastics, dance, problem solving, games, multi skills and athletics. Throughout the school year, all the children have the opportunity to compete in competitive sports activities.  In the summer term, all the children take part in Sports Day. After School Clubs at Harefield Primary School. At Harefield Primary School, we provide the children with lots of opportunities to stay fit and active after school. We offer a range of clubs including: karate, dance and gymnastics. Currently, some of the children at Harefield are participating in the Rock Challenge competition which takes place during spring term.  For more information about any of these after school clubs, please speak to Miss Creasey.         Events, Competitions, Festivals and Fundraising Information at Harefield Primary School. Sports Day 2014 For Sports Day this year, the children competed in their team colours and completed a range of activities in order to collect points, including running, throwing, short and longer races as well as some of the more traditional events. Congratulations to the overall winners and a huge well done to everyone who took part! The summer term will see the next sports day.   Sports Relief 2014 In March 2014, all the children at Harefield Primary School ran, or helped others run one mile as part of a team. This was to raise money for those all over the world who need it and make a real difference to peoples’ lives. School raised lots of money for this great cause. Well done to all that took part! This year we plan to hold a skipathon in order to raise money for The British Heart Foundation. Sports Awards At the end of the year, the children were invited to a special Sports Assembly. Children were nominated against the Olympic values and the staff found it difficult to choose just one winner in each category because there were so many nominations. Well done to all the children who received awards for their efforts and were presented with their medals by Mrs. Capper. Potential winners will be nominated again this summer term. Make sure you are showing the Olympic values. Will you be the next winner? Forthcoming Events at Harefield Primary School Ø  Comic Relief Haka with Years 3 and 4 Ø  Skipathon to raise funds for British Heart Foundation - Spring term Ø  Rock Challenge 28th February 2015 – children received awards for leadership, soundtrack, stage use and lighting Ø  Various sporting competitions will take place throughout the year with pupils from Beechwood Junior School. The next event is planned for Thursday 26th March 2015 Ø  Sports Day 2015 – Summer Term Ø  Sports Awards Assembly – Summer Term     Gifted and Talented Pupils Mrs. Capper will be offering several additional PE sessions for children who excel in particular areas of sport/PE. These sessions are aimed at enhancing physical skills and developing fitness and will be a mix of fitness testing, general skill development, exploring additional aids to success and developing other components of fitness such as flexibility and speed.  Parents have had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Capper and ask any questions.     Olympic Facts In 2012;  twenty-six Olympic sports were contested, in 34 venues. Athletes from 204 nations took part Great Britain was the only team to compete in all 26 sports, contributing 542 athletes: 280 men and 262 women. Team GB won 65 medals,  29 were gold, 17 silver and 19 Windsurfing will now be dropped as an Olympic sport, to be replaced by kite-surfing for Rio 2016. World Records; Mens 1 mile = 3.43 in Rome 1999 Momen’s mile = 4.12 Zurich 1996 Olympic Records; Mens 100m = 9.63 Usain Bolt Jamaicia  in London 2012 Womens 100m = 10.62 Florence Griffith-Joyner USA in Seoul 1988                                                                 Ideas for keeping Active (check with your parents first) ·   Go fly a kite ·   Skip in the garden ·   Go running with a friend ·   Do 10 star jumps every day ·   Jog on the spot for 10 minutes ·   Go for a bike ride ·   Offer to walk a dog ·   Play football or rounders in the park with friends ·   Go skateboarding or skating or scootering ·   Play tennis in the park   ·   Don’t forget to look out for details of the Summer Sports Challenge coming up in the Summer term                                                           Southampton School Games SSG is designed to give young people, teachers, and parents a chance to see what sports are happening around the city. Please feel free to look at the calendar of events, league tables, fixtures lists, match reports, and much more. There are loads of opportunities for young people to get involved in, for more  information look at the website: school   Sainsbury's School Games Mark The Sainsbury's School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Schools in England are able to assess themselves across bronze, silver and gold levels of the Mark.   PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools. Prime Minister David Cameron has recently announced that the Government will commit funding Primary PE and Sport to 2020, with £750m to be invested over the course of the next parliament. The investment builds on the £150m a year ring fenced funding currently committed for schools until 2016 to increase primary PE and sport opportunities. The Edwin Jones Trust and the Jefferey’s Education Trust have invested this money into employing a PE specialist.  This role begun in January 2014 and its key priority is to improve the quality of teaching and diversity of the curriculum in order for all pupils to make regular and sustained progress. Since 2014, many changes have occurred with schools’ PE and some of these are outlined below. Schools are in the process of reviewing PE policies, introducing inspiring and inclusive PE curriculums which will offer new activities and extend provision, to children, teachers have regular opportunities for on-going lesson support as well as continued whole staff training. Pupil participation has increased as children have undertaken a variety of competitions and celebrations of PE, both in and out of school, including participating in charity events such as Sport Relief. We are currently looking to recruit young sports leaders who will be trained to help run lunch time activities for all pupils. Schools have benefitted as a whole through receiving relevant, up to date planning and some INSET opportunities, leading to a more confident and competent workforce. In addition the profile of PE has been raised through a termly newsletter, Sports Times, which aims to celebrate children’s achievements and ‘Sportsdesk’ – a new feature on schools’ websites providing further information for families. We have achieved a bronze award sports kitemark award. Annual sports awards have been introduced, based on the Olympic values, giving children a key focus for the academic year. Regular meetings are held with all PE managers from the trust schools.  Detailed minutes from these meeting, written feedback given to teachers from observed lessons, data collected from events and competitions, clear and agreed objectives together with staff questionnaires contribute to accountability. Plans for the new academic year include developing provision for gifted and talented pupils, reviewing the way in which children are assessed, particularly at transition time, setting up school sports committees, extending the opportunities for INSET training for staff, including newly qualified teachers, and continuing to offer new and regular opportunities to the children through working with external clubs and organisations.  

"The teaching is excellent and the curriculum innovative and highly stimulating." Ofsted 2011