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Sports Premium

Pupils at Harefield Primary School enjoy two PE lessons a week, dance or gymnastics and games. Lessons cover a whole range of physical activity including, problem solving, skills development and team building. The main outdoor games session for Years R - 6 is led by Superstar Sports Coaches giving them high quality teaching and skills progression. These sessions are in addition to the 'Daily Mile'.

PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools

Since the employment of a PE Primary Liaison Officer in 2013, many changes have occurred with schools’ PE. The purpose of the additional funding is to provide additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and Sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils, to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

How can the money be spent?

The premium must be spent on making additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of all pupils to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles. The Secretary of State has identified two areas whereby the premium cannot be spent:

  • Employing coaches or specialist teachers to cover PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment)
  • Funding the minimum requirements of a school existing PE curriculum

What are we doing at Harefield?

At present, we are currently reviewing how to best spend our premium to ensure maximum impact and sustainability for the better of the children at our school. This means we are focusing on three main areas:

  • Offering more diverse Sports that both in school time and through extra-curricular activities.
  • Ensuring the staff at Harefield are provided with the necessary CPD opportunities to ensure they are confident in delivering lessons  and extra-curricular clubs that the children enjoy and develop their sporting skills
  • Providing additional swimming sessions for those in Y6 who have not met the national expectations in Y4.

The document below shows the strategy for 2023-24, how we plan to spend the premium and updated information for our Swimming outcomes.

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

UK Government website
PE and sport premium for primary schools.