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Equality Act

Harefield Primary School has an equal opportunities policy to ensure that all pupils receive equal and fair treatment and appropriate education. Please come and talk to us if you would like further information on how we can support your child’s physical needs within the school.

The school operates within the Southampton City Council policy statement of equal opportunities in the curriculum.

Harefield Primary School is committed to promoting understanding of the principles and practice of equality and justice. We aim to develop in children an awareness of our diverse society and to appreciate the value of its diversity.

This school monitors the attainment and progress of different genders and groups and aims to narrow the gaps between these.

The school celebrates every member of the school community is regarded as being of equal worth and importance, irrespective of his/her religious beliefs, culture, socio-economic background, race, gender, sexuality and/or disability. The school will make every possible effort to ensure that it not only provides a broad and balanced curriculum but that it promotes access to the curriculum for all children, and that it enables all children to make progress and develop their abilities.